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The National Insurance Board "Road to 50"; be a hero, donate blood and save lives. Your blood donation today can be someone's lifeline tomorrow.
In the spirit of our 50th Anniversary, NIB was thrilled to revive a cherished tradition – Feeding Seniors in our communities.
Nassau, Bahamas - On October 6, 2023, the National Insurance Board (NIB) marked its 49th anniversary. Celebrations took place throughout the Bahamas, with the traditional Customer Service Day for its patrons and cake-cutting ceremonies at all local offices for staff.
NIB Family Attends 49th Anniversary Service of Praise and Thanksgiving
Newly appointed Minister for Immigration and National Insurance, The Hon. Alfred Sears, KC, MP, made an inaugural visit to the NIB.
The Bahamas 50th Independence celebrations around the National Insurance Board - Bahamas...from the national tree planting of the Lignum Vitae on April 28th to The Bahamas' national Flag Day on June 30th
The national tree, the Lignum Vitae, is planted at the National Insurance Board’s (NIB) Headquarters on Baillou Hill Road as one of the many initiatives in the Countdown to 50 calendar of events showcasing Bahamian culture, arts, music, cuisine, and history.
The Central Bank of the Bahamas relaunches its Financial Literacy Fair with an expanded platform to include a Digital Expo format. The event, which took place at the Fusion Superplex Theatre on Gladstone Road, welcomed some 3,000 students and industry professionals.
April 5, 2023, The National Insurance Board - Bahamas partners with the Public Managers Union (PMU), on the occasion of the Union’s 30th Anniversary and in recognition.....
NIB Welcomes New Minister
NIB Welcomes New Minister
10/26/2021 9:14:09 AM
The National Insurance Board (NIB) welcomed Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister Myles LaRoda on Wednesday October 13th, 2021.