This was a period of considerable transition, which saw the organization experiencing much internal changes coupled with a tremendous growth spurt - typical of the early teen years.  Major events during this period include:

• Construction of seven (7) Community Health Clinics on New Providence and the Family Islands with funds ($10 million) from the Medical Benefits Branch.

• The multi-million dollar Freeport Local Office Complex was completed and officially opened in January, 1989.  This Complex houses most of the Freeport-based government departments in addition to the Freeport Local Office.

• Construction began on the Board’s New Providence Head-Office on the Jumbey Village site.

• The first phase of NIB’s comprehensive automation system was implemented.

•  During 1989, NIB purchased “Alexander House” on Robinson Road.

• A new Local Office was opened in Long Island - Simms, and the Harbour Island Local Office was relocated to new spacious (ground-level) accommodations.

• A massive public education campaign was mounted nationally on the proposed National Health Insurance Plan.

In June, 1987, the Honourable George Mackey, M.P., replaced Darrell Rolle as Minister of Housing And National Insurance.  Dr. B.J. Nottage, M.P., served as Chairman from June,1987 to December, 1988.  He was replaced as Chairman by his brother, Mr. Kendal Nottage, M.P., in January, 1989.  Mr. Lennox McCartney was appointed Director in May,  1987 - he resigned from this position in August, 1988; Mr. Nelson Cooper was appointed Acting Director as of that date.

During this triennium, contributions collected amounted to over $168.3 million; over $84.8 million was paid out as Benefits/Assistances and the Reserve Fund stood at $448.6 million at the end of 1989.