These documents help to explain various aspects of the National Insurance Program in concise, easy-to-read language

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Brochures Update
Industrial Benefits This brochure explains the Industrial Benefits and how it can support you and your family in your time of need. 08.30.2021
Jitney Leaflet This leaflet is an explanation of how Jitney drivers make their contributions and subsequently qualify for benefits/assistance. 09.14.2009
Maternity Benefit This brochure explains how a woman can qualify and claim for the Maternity Benefit and Grant. 07.08.2014
Registration & Contributions This brochure explains, in a snapshot, the process of Registration and Contributions at NIB. 07.08.2014
  Retirement Benefit This brochure explains what the Retirement Benefit is, the qualifying conditions, how the amount of benefit is determined, when and how to claim, and how it is paid. 07.08.2014
Self-Employed This brochure explains all that the Self-Employed person needs to know about their relationship with NIB. 10.20.2015
Sickness & Invalidity Benefit This brochure explains all qualifying conditions and method of payment for the Sickness Benefit and Invalidity Benefit. 07.08.2014
Survivors Benefit This brochure is an informational piece which describes how to claim and qualify for the Survivors' Benefit. It also breaks down the details of the payment and gives you information on how to find out more. 07.08.2014
Benefits at a Glance This leaflet gives a snapshot view of all of the

benefits and assistance provided by National Insurance.
Funeral Benefit  This leaflet gives basic information on the Funeral

Benefit provisions of National Insurance.
Unemployment Benefit This leaflet provides information on the newest

benefit provided by National Insurance.
Contribution Rates This leaflet provides information on the newest 

NIB Contribution Rates provided by National Insurance.
Self-Service Facility This leaflet provides information on how the user can create an account and review and download their National Insurance Contributions. 03.18.2014
  2015 Verification Dates.pdf This leaflet provides information about verification dates.  01.26.2015