This period was one of the most active and exciting in the life of the “young” organization. It saw amendments to both the Contributions and Benefits Regulations; further recruitment of more highly trained, skilled professionals; significant growth in the Reserve Fund; further expansion of service delivery nationally, and the creation of a new NIB Branch.

Specifically, this triennium saw:

  • Amendments to the Contribution Regulations resulting in: The - abolition of the six wage groups/bands and of the stamp method of paying contributions;
    - raising of the weekly insurable wage ceiling from $110 to $250;
    - classifying self-employed persons into two groups “Class A”, eligible for Industrial Benefits and “Class B”, not covered under the Industrial Benefits Branch; and
    - calculation of contributions as a percentage of the actual wage/income.
  • Amendments to the Benefits Regulations resulting in: The
    - liberalizing of qualifying conditions for the award of Sickness, Maternity, Retirement and Survivors’ Benefits;
    - introduction of the Maternity Grant; and
    - consolidation of a number of National Insurance Regulations.
  • NIB mounted a massive national public education campaign prior to the introduction of the new contribution system on 2nd July, 1984.
  • A Telephone Hot-line Service was introduced in July, 1984.
  • Two weekly Public Information programmes - a half-hour radio broadcast and a newspaper column were introduced on 12/9/1984.
  • NIB hosted the Fourth Meeting of the Heads of the International Social Security Association’s Member Organizations in the English-Speaking Caribbean in November, 1984.
  • A one-hour documentary entitled, “The National Insurance Board: 10 Years of Growth And Development” was produced and aired (twice) on ZNS TV-13 during 1985.
  • Skilled professionals recruited during this triennium included Mr. Lennox McCartney who joined as Computerization Project Manager on 2nd June, 1986; Mr. S.V. Narayanan who joined as Consultant Actuary on 26th September, 1985 and Mr. Colin Watson who was appointed Training Consultant in July, 1986.
  • Establishment of new community-based service centres and expansion and relocation of existing offices in Cooper’s Town, Abaco, on 25/2/1984; in Pyfrom’s Addition in eastern New Providence on 20/1/1985; in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, on 9/3/1985; and on East Street South, New Providence on 7/10/1986. Additionally, ground-breaking ceremonies were held in Freeport, Grand Bahama for the proposed New NIB’s Freeport Office Complex on 10/10/1986.
  • The second Actuarial Review was completed in 1984.
  • The Medical Benefits Branch was created on 1/1/1985 with an endowment of $40.6 million.
  • During March, 1984, the head of the International Labour Organization’s Social Security Department paid an official visit to The Bahamas, at the request of the Minister.

The Honourable Hubert Ingraham, M.P., was replaced as Minister responsible for National Insurance by the Honourable Darrell Rolle, M.P., in October, 1984. Mr. George Mackey, M.P., continued to serve as Chairman and Mr. A. Srinivasan succeeded Mr. Balasubramanian as Acting Director in December, 1985.

During this triennium, contributions collected amounted to over $131.6 million; over $63.1 million was paid out as benefits/assistance and the Reserve Fund stood at over $306.7 million.