New STB Forms

Claims forms for all short-term benefits now have a uniformed look and feel, but the changes are far more than cosmetic. Claim forms for Injury, Funeral, Maternity and Sickness Benefits have been modified so as to better elicit and capture the information required to not only process claims quickly and accurately, but to be able to contact claimants.

The Board’s ability to contact claimants has always been severely hampered by the absence on most persons’ files of current contacts. Going forward, claimants will be required to provide up-to-date mailing and telephone information. The amended claim forms have been placed on this website in the LIBRARY section for easy access. Please click here for a newsletter which further explains the new forms.

Persons requiring further details may call the Board’s Public Relations Department at 502-1800, 502-1806 or 502-1814; or e-mail the PR Department at