Industrial Benefits

Injury Benefit is a weekly payment made to an employed person, or a self-employed person in Class “B”, who suffers a job-related injury or contracts a job-related disease, and as a result of that injury or disease, is unable to work.
Rate: It is paid at a weekly rate of 66 2/3 percent of the worker’s average insured income.
To Qualify: There are no contribution conditions. If a person is injured before he or she was able to pay contributions, then the average weekly insurable wage used to determine the benefit rate, would be that of a person in a similar job and wage/income level.
Period: Can be paid for up to 40 weeks.

Disablement Benefit is paid to a worker who suffers a “loss of physical or mental faculty” as a result of a job-related accident or disease. This loss is medically determined by comparing the specific loss of ability with the ability of a “normal” healthy person of the same age and sex. The loss is then expressed as a percentage from one to 100.
An assessment of one to 24 percent is paid as a one-time grant; assessment of 25 percent or more is paid as a monthly pension, plus a one-time grant.
A person may return to work and continue to receive Disablement Benefit.

Free Medical Care: National Insurance will pay for 40 weeks all reasonable medical expenses of a person who suffers a job-related injury, or contracts a job-related illness, unless the degree of disablement assessed is more than 25 percent, in which case medical care can continue for two years. Medical care may be obtained in The Bahamas at a facility of one’s own choosing. Persons seeking medical attention outside of The Bahamas, must first obtain approval from the National Insurance Board.
Additionally, persons with 100 percent disablement, who require constant care and attendance, receive an additional 20 percent of the Disablement Benefit each month.

Death Benefit is a one-time cash payment that is identical to Survivors’ Benefit. It is paid to the dependents of a worker who died as a result of a job-related accident or illness.
The benefit is paid as a monthly pension to dependents in the following priority order: widow/widower; unmarried children; orphans; and parents.
Rate of Payment for widows, widowers or parents, is 50 percent of the rate of the deceased worker’s Injury Benefit entitlement. The rate for dependent children is 10 percent of the Injury Benefit entitlement.

Industrial Funeral Benefit: National Insurance pays a cash grant of $1,500, without any contribution conditions attached, to assist with the funeral expenses of a person who dies as a result of a job-related accident or illness. This cash payment is made to whoever pays for, or is liable to pay for the funeral of the deceased worker.