NIB Seminars for Employers and Self-Employed Persons

The National Insurance Board conducts free seminars for employers and self-employed persons to provide them with an overview of the National Insurance program, inclusive of its benefits and assistance programmes, and to explore the scope and impact of the National Insurance Fund on the economy of the country.

The seminar is geared towards everyone – from the self-employed person who works alone, to the employer of a few persons, to the person responsible for the payment of contributions on behalf of an employer of thousands. In addition to the general social security issues, sessions will address specific questions and/or concerns about the monthly payment of contributions and other compliance issues.

Seminars are held on the last Tuesday of each month, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in the Training Room of the Board’s Wulff Road Complex, located at the Wulff Road and Minnie Street junction.

Persons interested in attending a Seminar should reserve space by calling the Board’s Public Relations Department at 502-1800, 502-1806 and 502-1814 or e-mail the PR Department at