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NIB and Yamacraw Constituency Leaders Insist “Knowledge is Key”

Saturday October 28, 2023 - In a powerful display of community engagement, the National Insurance Board took a spirited stride towards supporting breast cancer awareness while bringing valuable information to the Yamacraw constituency.

Present for the event was Minister Zane Lightbourne, constituency leaders and cancer survivors with unified messages that, "prevention is the key" underscoring the significance of early detection, healthy lifestyles, regular screenings, and education about the disease of cancer. Attendees were encouraged to take proactive measures like self-exams and mammograms, which reduces their risk of breast cancer and improves their chances of early diagnosis and successful treatment.

Similarly, NIB's public relations team, lead by spokesperson Tonique Williams, encouraged attendees to take proactive steps toward securing their financial well-being by understanding their contributions and benefits to ensure that they have access to the necessary financial support when they need it most, whether it is for medical expenses, retirement, or other life events. Board Members, Daniel Thompson and Theressa Thompson led the NIB team, along with dedicated customer service staff.

Both messages ultimately empower individuals to make informed choices and take proactive steps that lead to better outcomes – whether it is preventing a health crisis like breast cancer or securing financial stability through social security benefits. In both cases, knowledge and proactive behavior are essential for a brighter and healthier future.