NIB Celebrates 49th Anniversary – Looking Ahead to Golden Jubilee

NIB Celebrates 49th Anniversary – Looking Ahead to Golden Jubilee

10/10/2023 4:15:40 AM
Nassau, Bahamas - On October 6, 2023, the National Insurance Board (NIB) marked its 49th anniversary. Celebrations took place throughout the Bahamas, with the traditional Customer Service Day for its patrons and cake-cutting ceremonies at all local offices for staff. At the NIB Headquarters on Baillou Hill Road, both staff and retirees convened for the unveiling of "The Road to NIB's 50th Anniversary" theme and logo. This special launch featured the announcement of winners from an internal competition that sought the best theme and logo to commemorate the upcoming golden jubilee. 

The theme and logo competition rallied staff to design a logo or coin a theme that would embody the statement “What do you think NIB represents after 50 years of existence” and could include various aspects of NIB such as the Board’s values, NIB’s mission and vision, speak to the provision of services and/or may depict and promote the general welfare and highest standards of the employees, customers and all stakeholders at large. The competition proved fierce with over 60 submissions. The final winners were: 

3rd place – Clarice Lewis from Freeport Local Office 
2nd place – Robert Ashe from Inagua Local Office 
Grand Prize – Quincy Arthur from IT department 

3rd place – Audrey Newbold – from Family Island Operations 
2nd place – Nurse Ruth Pickstock 
Grand Prize – Alyssa Rolle – from the Inspectorate department 

The newly appointed Minister addressed the event for National Insurance, the Hon Alfred Sears, KC, MP who also assisted with the presentation of awards and received the first piece of cake that was cut by Ms. Diane major who has been employed with the Board for some 40 years. The event held at NIB’s headquarters was the second of three events planned during the Anniversary week. NIB’s initial kick off event was a Customer Appreciation day held at the sub-office in Freeport, Grand Bahama on Monday October 2nd, 2023. The final event for the week will be the annual anniversary Church Services with staff attending services throughout the Family Islands. In New Providence, the staff will attend the Southland Cathedral Global Ministries on Solider Road. 

On the Road to the 50th Anniversary, NIB has planned a series of events to include both internal and external stakeholders. These events will include a FUN, Run, Walk, Heath and Wellness Fair, an inaugural Pensioners Day and Essay Competition. For more information on events logon to the NIB website or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. 

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