‘Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise’ Program Attracts One-Sixth of Company

‘Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise’ Program Attracts One-Sixth of Company

7/11/2021 3:14:39 PM
Nassau, Bahamas… June 7th, 2021… Over 100 enthusiastic National Insurance Board (NIB) employees spanning three islands recently committed to becoming more ‘Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’.

Over the course of eight weeks, NIB staff based in Andros, Grand Bahama, and New Providence learned about taking care of their overall wellbeing and how doing so influences every aspect of their lives. A regular week for participants transformed into “Meatless Monday”, “Testing Tuesday”, “Water Wednesday”, “Touchdown Thursday”, “Fruitful Friday”, “Salad Saturday”, and “Sugarless Sunday”.

The initiative also featured a “Biggest Loser” Challenge which was led by a cohort of experienced and diversely skilled fitness trainers within NIB namely Everette Sweeting, CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer; Nadia Vanderpool, 2019/2020 National Wellness Bikini Champion; Luchanio Seymour, Aerobics Instructor; Christopher Wright, Personal Trainer and Former National Track and Field Athlete; Edward “Eddie” Thompson, Former Trainer at the Bahamas Royal Bahamas Defense Force; Tonique Williams, Olympic Gold Medalist and owner of TWD Fitness Club and Louvin Sands, Personal Fitness Trainer.

Chairperson of the wellness initiative, Ms. Sonovia Campbell, underscored that NIB’s ‘Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise’ program featured a wide range of activities from beginning to end. “Our committee members were sure to come up with engaging ways to keep participants enthusiastic and committed to making it to the program’s finish line.”

“By starting participants off with health screenings, they were made aware of their current standings. The blood pressure, glucose, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) results recorded also gave everyone a better idea about what areas they may need to pay extra attention to,” she said.

Ms. Campbell continued, “Looking back at the success of the program, we see just how important each aspect was. From the initial and final health screening, to the health talks and fitness classes that came in between, each part of the program played an integral role in the reach of our ultimate goal: encouraging staff to live a healthier lifestyle that can improve their quality of life.”

“The benefits of our efforts are not only seen in our personal lives but our careers too. We extend special thanks to Mrs. Linda Jarett, our broker from Star General Insurance, for her guidance and contributions, and to our sponsors for their generous donations.”

Presentations included “Healthy Eating Habits” by Brianne Pritchard; “You and Your Financial Health” by Odia Gaskin of Fidelity Bank; “Mental Wellness - The Whole You!” by Dr. Wendy Fernander; “Nutrition- A Holistic Approach” by Dr. Ann Rolle and “Your Wellness is EVERYTHING” by Cherrylee Pinder of C P Training and Consulting Service.

Ms. Clarice Lewis, one of NIB’s Grand Bahama program organizers, echoed Ms. Campbell. She highlighted the excitement brought when dance exercise instructor, Shylock, came in twice a week and taught the participants new moves.

“Since the start of our wellness initiative, many of the staff members have changed to a healthier way of life. They are trying their best to eat better and exercise regularly. We are very grateful for this wellness initiative brought on by the National Insurance Board. This was a great start to encourage us to make healthier choices,” said Ms. Lewis.

She added, “I was grateful to assist the organization with this initiative. Mrs. Stacie Basden (a NIB staff), who was the instructor for the exercise program (in Grand Bahama), assisted as well. This wellness initiative was necessary in helping us get our mind and bodies together, and it came during a time when we all needed a recharge. I hope that this becomes an annual program.”

The National Insurance Board will continue spreading awareness with monthly seminars. Upcoming initiatives to further encourage staff to take on healthier lifestyle habits include and another “Biggest Loser” Challenge at the end of the year, breakfast fruit distributions and health-related email blasts.

Employees fully embraced the National Insurance Board’s wellness initiative while sponsors happily assisted in its success.

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Over 100 enthusiastic National Insurance Board (NIB) employees spanning Andros, Grand Bahama, and New Providence recently committed to becoming more ‘Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’. Over the course of eight weeks, staff learned about taking care of their overall well being and how doing so influences every aspect of their lives.

L-R: Wayne Newman, Carolyn Douglas-Evans, Kayla Ward and Joey Pennerman

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